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3Ph Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW 20KW 220V 380V Horizontal Wind Power Plant

China Shenghuang New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd certification
China Shenghuang New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd certification
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3Ph Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW 20KW 220V 380V Horizontal Wind Power Plant

3Ph Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW 20KW 220V 380V Horizontal Wind Power Plant
3Ph Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW 20KW 220V 380V Horizontal Wind Power Plant
3Ph Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW 20KW 220V 380V Horizontal Wind Power Plant 3Ph Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW 20KW 220V 380V Horizontal Wind Power Plant 3Ph Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW 20KW 220V 380V Horizontal Wind Power Plant

Large Image :  3Ph Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW 20KW 220V 380V Horizontal Wind Power Plant

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China-Jiangsu Province
Brand Name: Jiangsu Shenghuang
Certification: CE
Model Number: SH-A10KW
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Price: $6560-$7060/Piece
Packaging Details: Wooden Box
Delivery Time: 10-25 working days
Payment Terms: Negotiated, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 800 sets per month

3Ph Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW 20KW 220V 380V Horizontal Wind Power Plant

Name: 10kw Horizonal Wind Turbine Rated Power: 1-20kw
Working Temperature: -40℃-80℃ Advantage: Low Start-up Wind Speed
Design Life: 20 Years Phase: 3 Phase
High Light:

3Ph Horizontal Wind Turbine


Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW


380V horizontal wind power plant

Multi Colors Glass Fibre Blade Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW 20KW 220V 380V Three Phase For Alternative Energy


Small wind turbines, also known as micro wind turbines, are used for microgeneration of electricity, as opposed to large commercial wind turbines, such as those found in wind farms. Small wind turbines often have passive yaw systems as opposed to active ones. They use a direct drive generator and use a tail fin to point into the wind, whereas larger turbines have geared powertrains that are actively pointed into the wind.


Small wind turbines typically produce between 500 W and 30 kW of power, although the smaller turbines may be as small as a 50 Watt auxiliary power generator for a boat, caravan, or miniature refrigeration unit, and the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) defines "small wind" as high as 300 kW. The IEC 61400 Standard defines small wind turbines as wind turbines with a rotor swept area smaller than 200 m2, generating at a voltage below 1000 Va.c. or 1500 Vd.c.



Wind power generation means that the wind wheel rotates under the action of wind, and then the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy through the generator, which is stored by the battery and transmitted over long distances through wires. At present, the most widely used type of wind turbine in the world is the horizontal axis high-speed propeller wind turbine, which is mainly composed of a wind wheel, a transmission system, a generator and a steering device.


Matters needing attention when using wind turbines


1.  If it is found that the motor is operating abnormally, or has abnormal sound, it should be stopped for inspection.

2.  When the fan rotates at high speed, the wind wheel rotates in the direction of the plane. Do not stand up to do other work, so as to avoid the blades flying out and hurting people.

3.  The battery should be kept dry and clean, and no metal objects should be placed on the battery pack to prevent short circuit of the battery.

4.  Do not put the negative ground of the electrical box and the single-matching inverter together to avoid short circuit. The inverter power supply is operated according to the inverter power supply manual.

5. The tensioner of the cable will automatically loosen under strong wind. After adjustment, it can be locked with iron wire. After each strong wind, check for loose cables. If it is loose, it should be removed in time. (back bar must be vertical)

6. The wind turbine should be wired separately and not mixed with other circuits. It is recommended to use the DC lighting power supply, and the AC power output from the inverter can be used for household appliances. (The inverter and inverter output line cannot be connected in parallel, and the inverter output line cannot be connected with municipal power)

7. When wiring the electrical box, connect the battery first, then connect the generator output line, firstly,disassemble the generator output line, and then disconnect the battery pack wiring.

8. The shutdown switch of the electrical box is usually temporarily turned off at the starting position, high speed rotation of the toggle switch is not allowed only when the wind wheel is running slowly and dialing the off position. The fan must not run without load to prevent damage to the blades due to high speed rotation.



1. Low Start-up Wind Speed
2. Three Blades
3. Flange Connection with easy installation
4. Certified with CE,ROHS and ISO 9001 2000
5. Customized Colors
6. High-efficiency Three Phase PMG Generator




1. Marine,&Boat

2. Streetlights

3. Home, Openning Plaza lighting.

4. Wind&Solar Hybrid System

5. Monitoring device

6. Factory



Product Parameter


Model SH-A1000 SH-A1500 SH-A2000 SH-A2500 SH-A3000 SH-A5000 SH-A10K SH-A15K SH-A20K
Rated Power 1KW 1.5KW 2KW 2.5KW 3KW 5KW 10KW 15KW 20KW
Maximum Power 1.2KW 1.7KW 2.2KW 2.7KW 3.2KW 5.5KW 11KW 17KW 22KW
Nominal Voltage 48V/96V 48V/96V 48V/96V 48V/96V 96V/120V/220V 120V/220V/380V 120V/220V/380V 120V/220V/380V 120V/220V/380V
Rotor Diameter 2.8m 3.2m 3.2m 3.6m 4.8m 5.6m 7m 8m 9.8m
Weight 60kg 70kg 70kg 80kg 160kg 150kg 260kg 320kg 380kg
Package Weight 70kg 80kg 88kg 95kg 176kg 310kg 400kg 390kg 440kg
Package Size(mm) 1660*380*420 1630*420*450 1630*420*450 1830*420*450 2550*480*500        
Start-up Wind Speed 3m/s
Rated Wind Speed 11m/s
Survival Wind Speed 50m/s
Blade Quantity 3 piece
Blade Material FRP
Generator Housing Material Carbon Steel
Packing Wooden Box
Generator Type 3 Phase Permanent Magnet Generator
alnico magnet NdFeB
brake mode electromagnetism
The wind adjustment Automatically adjust to windward
Working temperature -40℃-80℃



3Ph Horizontal Wind Turbine 10KW 20KW 220V 380V Horizontal Wind Power Plant 0

What is the best material for wind turbine blades?

Most blades are made of glass fiber reinforced polyester or epoxy resin. Carbon fiber or Kevlar is also used as reinforcement. Nowadays, the possible use of wood compounds, such as wood epoxy or wood fiber epoxy, is being studied.



How many blades are best for a wind turbine?
Generally, most horizontal axis wind turbines have three blades. The decision to design a three blade turbine was a compromise. Due to its reduced resistance, the single blade design is the best number to achieve maximum efficiency,hwever,one-blade design makes the whole set of wind turbine generator not stable.


Which generator is used in Wind Turbine Generator?

Generally speaking,the most common type of generator that used is Permanent Magnet Generator,others can be Magnetic Levitation Type.


How big a wind turbine do we need to power a house?

A typical household uses about 10649 kwh, with an average of 877 kwh per month. According to the average wind speed in the region, a wind turbine with a rated power in the range of 5 to 15 kW is required to make a significant contribution to this demand.


Are Wind Turbine Generators AC or DC?

Wind Turbine Generator Produces AC,you need apply inverter to transfer the AC to DC. 


How does the wind turbine generator work?

Wind turbines usually operate on a simple principle: instead of using electricity to generate wind (such as fans), wind turbines use wind to generate electricity. The wind rotates the propeller like blades of the turbine in the rotor, thereby turning the generator to generate electricity



Can I put a wind turbine in my back yard?

Most wind turbines are not small enough to be installed in the backyard - because larger size means more energy, and a single blade can be longer than a football field. Wind power is very noisy. Even if the wind farm is miles away, neighbors sometimes complain.

Operational maintenance and precautions

1. Do not approach the wind turbine during operation.
2. Need routine inspection or need to enter the blade rotation range and wind Motor output short circuit to stop the blade in rotation.

3. Do not touch the rotating blade with hard object, though the blade is tough, but if so Touch the hard object, the blade may deform, or even break.

4. The natural environment of the wind turbine working is very bad. After three months of operation, the equipment should be checked, the bolt nut should be fastened and assembled, and the tower rod should be checked for serious swing and loose pull wire. If abnormal, should be adjusted in time.

5.Before and after the storm should be immediately checked, wind turbine problems should be slowly put down tower maintenance. The street lamp wind turbine should be overhauled by the outside electrician, but the wind turbine must be short-circuited and protected.

6.types of batteries should be suitable for use by wind turbines, such as energy storage Pool, should not choose car start-up battery, otherwise will make battery life greatly shortened.

7.paraffin seals should be used at the controller and battery terminals to prevent oxidation and generation Rust.

8.Do not place the controller in damp, rain, vibration, corrosion and strong electromagnetic interference rings In the environment.

9.please keep the controller ventilated and heat dissipation, do not put the controller in direct sunlight, live Near the heating furnace and other heat sources.


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Jiangsu Shenghuang New Energy Technology Co..Ltd. is located in Wuxi Liangxi district Jinshan North science and Technology Industrial Park, is a factory commitment to wind generators, solar monitoring system, wind and solar complementary monitoring system, photovoltaic system, wind and solar complementary controller,inverter,Gel battery, Lithium Battery Development and integrated application of green energy saving and environmental protection technology enterprises.


Focus on the development of solar power, wind-solar power generation system integration,the business consists of wind and solar monitoring system, Wind Turbine Grid and off-grid system PV system equipment design and procurement, complete sets, feasibility study and installation commissioning .


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